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Wild Bird

Wild Bird Food

If you’re an animal lover, it’s likely that it’s not just your own pets that you take care of, but also the wild birds in your garden. There may be an endless variety of birds that visit your bird feeder, or it may just be the same familiar faces. No matter what species of bird you have flocking to your garden, they are sure to love the healthy wild bird food from Direct Pet Foods. We are passionate about domesticated and wild animals, which is why we provide an extensive range of healthy food for garden birds. For delicious wild bird food that will have endless amounts of birds flocking to your garden, visit Direct Pet Foods.

We supply a wide range of bird mix, seeds, nuts, mealworms and pellets to help fuel the flight of the birds in your local area. With habitat and food loss being a major issue for some of the UK’s best loved bird species, homeowners everywhere are making their gardens a safe haven for hungry birds. There are so many species of wild bird that will come looking for food in your garden, so why not put out a variety of food to choose from? Different birds will be looking for different food types, so a mixture will ensure that your garden becomes an aviary. Buy your wild bird food from Direct Pet Foods today.

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