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Hedgehog Food

At Direct Petfoods we are experts in delivering quality nutrition to a wide variety of pets, from horse to hedgehog food. Your hedgehogs will not only absolutely love eating dried mealworms as part of a varied diet, but they’re actually the biggest additive-free treat you can give your beloved pet. Dried mealworms are prime source of protein and nutrition for your hedgehog, and can either be soaked in a little water over night to provide a staple food or given directly to your hedgehog as a crunchy treat. Dried mealworms really are the ideal hedgehog food for your prickly pet.

Our dried mealworms offer a number of benefits over live mealworms (beetle larvae). Firstly, they have a significantly longer shelf life, allowing your hedgehog food to last much longer. Secondly, as long as they’re properly stored, they won’t spoil, offering far less wastage than the live variety. Perhaps most importantly, dried mealworms offer you the opportunity to feed your hedgehog food that won’t wriggle away in the event of a spillage. Don’t waste time and money on live mealworms; buy your hedgehog food from Direct Petfoods today.

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