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Skinners Field & Trial - Turkey & Rice Complete 15kg

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Skinners Field & Trial - Turkey & Rice Complete 15kg

15kg Skinners Field & Trial - Turkey & Rice Complete Skinners Field and Trial Turkey and Rice Hypoallergenic Dog Food is a new delicious flavour specially formulated to be sensitive on your dog's digestion. It is the only dog food that contains joint aid for dogs which can help maintain healthy joints and flexibility of movement throughout the life of a dog. It provides building blocks required for natural replenishment and aids the normal anti-inflammatory actions of a dogs metabolism. No artificial additives, flavourings or preservatives are added to the delicious ingredients containing 21% protein, 11% oils and fats, 3% fibres, 5% omega 3 and 6 which are also free from wheat, maize barley, soya and dairy products. Suitable for all adult working dogs.