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Poultry Feed

Keeping poultry is a pastime that has seen somewhat of a resurgence in recent years. As people begin to rediscover their passion for keeping chickens, ducks and other domestic birds, the demand for high quality poultry feed has also increased significantly. Here at Direct Pet Foods, we believe that finding the right brand of domestic bird food is the most important factor in ensuring your new additions are given the best opportunity for a long and healthy life.

Through finding the right brands, we now proudly stock a diverse range of poultry feed combinations, allowing you to handpick the one that will suit your birds the best. In order to keep your poultry healthy, there are a number of attributes that need to be taken into account when investing in their diet – without doing so, you can end up exposing your pets to harmful infections and illnesses as their immune systems diminish.

At Direct Pet Foods, we only stock domestic bird food from brands we are truly confident in. Through balancing protein and carbohydrate with a carefully selected mix of vitamins and minerals, our range of poultry feed is perfect in providing your pets with the ideal meal whenever they are hungry.

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