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Pond Fish

Pond Fish Food

If you want to give your pond fish a healthy, balanced diet then Direct Pet Foods has everything you need. We offer a range of different products at competitive prices, so make sure you check out our large selection today. Our pond fish food can give your pet all the essential nutrients it needs to live a happy life. You won’t find pet food products at better prices anywhere else, so make sure you visit Direct Pet Foods when you’re in need of pond fish food.

If you keep koi, the Tetra Koi Sticks can provide them with the all the different nutritional needs that they require compared to other pond fish. If you regularly feed your koi with this food they’ll definitely reap the benefits, with extra colour enhancers that will help them achieve their full dazzling potential. These sticks provide a highly digestible diet that’s rich in carotenoids, which contain all of the essential nutrients, vitamins and trace elements that your koi need. They also give low waste levels, which means your koi can swim in clearer, healthier water. Make sure Direct Pet Foods is your first choice when you’re seeking pond fish food.

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