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Go Cat

Go-Cat Pet Food

As one of the UK’s leading cat food brands, Direct Pet Foods are proud suppliers of Go-Cat products. This brand has been supplying the nation with high-quality cat food since 1975 and is a well-loved pet food for millions of homes across the nation. Created by the pet experts at PURINA, Go-Cat offers a wide range of products to suit every feline taste, lifestyle or life stage. If you are looking for the perfect pet food to suit your cat’s breed and age, look no further than Direct Pet Foods.

Every pet owner wants their cat to be happy and healthy, which is why Go-Cat is formulated with all of the essential nutrients they need. The brand is committed to supporting your cat’s health, vitality and happiness by providing products that contribute to a balanced diet. Your feline needs high-quality proteins, fatty acids, vitamins and minerals in order to help them stay fit and strong. The recipes that are formulated by PURINA have been especially created for cats on the go. With 85 years’ worth of experience in pet nutrition, you can rest assured you will be receiving first-rate quality with Go-Cat.

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